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Dr. Min Basadur | Richard Perez

Simplexity: How might we revolutionize how people think?

Day One | 8:45 – 10:00 AM | Studio 11

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Our aspiration is for Simplexity to enable all people to think in a constructive way solving important problems driving innovation.

Join Min Basadur for an experiential journey through the foundations of Simplexity, starting as a young P&G engineer and moving on to build on the shoulders of giants such as Parnes, Osborn and Guilford.

Experience the journey that sparked the Simplexity method as the interchange between theory and real world application.

Understand innovation as a human centric endeavor and harness the power of the Creative Problem Solving Profile as a vehicle for team collaboration.

Dr. Basadur highlights Simplexity as the backbone method for Innovation, partnering with Richard Perez (the GYM) to highlight applications at P&G, the company where it all started.

Mayor Dave Augustyn | Darren Ottaway

Innovation is not political BS: Revolutionizing how government institutions work

Day One | 1:00 – 2:00 PM | Studio 11

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What do a flip chart, a marker and a $36-million-dollar Community Centre construction project have in common? The answer is Simplexity and the power of problem solving in a local government context that finds and break down the barriers to making what seemed impossible for decades possible.

Municipal governments in North America have not changed significantly in their organizational structures or internal functioning since the industrial revolution while the rest of the private sector has been modernizing to reflect new ways of doing business and responding to an increasingly digital world. The Town of Pelham (Ontario, Canada) has responded to these changing and dynamic times by formally adopting Simplexity as part of its everyday operations and has embedded this thinking into their corporate culture.

In this session Mayor Dave Augustyn and Chief Administrative Officer Darren Ottaway will present specific case studies that illustrate the power of Simplexity internal to the organization and externally when dealing with “hot button” issues and the general public. The session will focus on how Simplexity propelled this small town to become an innovation leader and turned the impossible possible.


Mayor Dave Augustyn | Paul Heinreich | Richard Perez | Mike Goldsby

Panel Theme: Creating a HMW culture across multiple ecosystems i.e. Corporate, Health, Academia and Government

Day One | 4:00 – 5:00 PM | Studio 11

Linda Quarles

Themes on leadership leveraging Profile, Language and Neuroscience

Day Two | 8:45 – 9:45 AM | Studio 11

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  • How might we harness the power of collaborative thinking to help shape the words we use?
  • How might we shape the words we use to change the world we live in?
  • How might we have more collective “brain power” to simply, innovate?

Neuroscientists and psychologists know that our brains and how they are designed to be efficient, not rational. Our brains use cognitive shortcuts to further muddy things for us. Last summer’s Yanni and Laurel viral phenomenon showed even more clearly how people can be exposed to the exact same information and hear some very different things. In this session, explore how both spoken and unspoken language can be a driver of change and exploring new possibilities, and even accelerating innovation. Experience how the Basadur Profile  has been applied in shifting language for teams and leaders who want to work more collaboratively.


Paul Heinrich

Revolutionizing how Health Care works: Creating a HMW culture in Health Care

Day Two | 1:00– 2:00 PM | Studio 11

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In this presentation, Paul Heinrich, President and CEO of the North Bay Regional Health Centre will show how by using Simplexity, staff are able to take challenging situations and turn them into well-defined problems with an action plan—created by and for the stakeholders—in a short time frame. Paul will show examples of how staff and physicians created improvements in patient care and flow, strengthened interdisciplinary teamwork and, in some cases, improvement to the financial well-being of the hospital.

Paul Heinrich | Linda Quarles | Mike Goldsby | Richard Perez | Larry Crase

Panel Theme: Powering Entrepreneurship and Lean Innovation with Simplexity

Day Two | 4:00 – 5:00 PM | Studio 11


Dr. Sue Ellspermann

A Road Less Travelled: Professional journey powered by Simplexity

Day Three | 8:45 – 9:45 AM | Studio 11

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Simplexity can be the central process that informs every element along your path to success. Learn the ways it’s been used to navigate:

  • Stakeholder Engagement in higher education with economic development
  • Accelerating change and transformation in higher education utilizing stakeholder engagement
  • Effective strategic engagement in
  • Integration
  • Transformational change in higher education
  • Stakeholder alignment

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