More About Basadur

Basadur is a global company with years of experience in helping organizations use applied creativity to identify and solve all kinds of problems. We help you get real results by using our applied creativity and innovation method called the Simplexity System, developed by our founder, Dr. Min Basadur. Find out more about Basadur at here.

About Simplexity Thinking

The Simplexity System has been academically researched, evaluated and proven effective on the ground, for businesses and institutions. The system is simple, experiential and inclusive. Our clients find the Simplexity System so powerful because it integrates the thinking process, optimizes team dynamics and focuses on individual innovation styles. Read more about how the Simplexity System has helped businesses across categories here.

About the Conference

The How Might We…? Applied Innovation Conference welcomes you to collaborate, learn and sharpen your skills with our global network of practitioners. Improve your applied innovation success, from the classroom to the boardroom. Hear from innovation leaders in business and academia in our daily talks and hone your Simplexity Thinking skills in workshops. Register here to book your place today.

Find out more about our Plenary topics and Workshops.

You can also check out our FAQs  and conference schedule here.


Members of the Simplexity community who have helped bring this event to life.

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